This is where the FUN begins!!American Literature

how to calculate your reading pace:
#of pgs. read in 10 mins. x 6= # of pgs/hour,
# of pgs./ hour x 2= # of pgs./week, <----------STOP HERE IF YOU'RE JUST RECALCULATING FOR A NEW BOOK..
#of pgs./week x 18/200= # of books/semester

EX: 10 pages in 10 minutes...
2,160/200=10.8 (11 books!)

prep. for next time: have all materials with you! binder, Learning Log, FUN reading book!

  • practice synthesis argument essay!
prep. for next time: start FUN reading!!

  • FUN reading!
  • Finish synthesis essay
  • Score norming (see O'Shea for example essays)
    • Read first page of packet, focusing on what readers are looking for, etc.
    • review rubric by section
    • Read #1 together
    • Score using rubric
    • Read #2 and #3 in groups
    • Discuss score using rubric
  • assess peer synthesis essay
    • Read
    • Write on rubric to give score/include written feedback if needed
prep. for next time: FUN reading!

01/18/2017 (EVEN CLASSES ONLY)
prep. for next time: DLP #1 and be prepared for presentation

  • Get Gatsby in library
  • DLP #1
  • set up presentations
  • preview rubric and notes handout
    • You will be visiting each group’s visual experience and taking notes on each topic.
    • You will also be assessing each group according to the areas explained on the rubric.
    • It is vital that you understand the background information to have a more rich understanding of the novel.
  • Gatsby "interrupted reading"
    • We will be taking it slow to make sure we aren’t too confused and give up.
      • summary
      • tone
      • thoughts about character?
      • predictions about plot? purpose?
prep. for next time: complete DLP #2 and finish reading Gatsby chap. 1

  • FUN reading!
  • DLP #2
  • Discuss Gatsby chap. 1
    • Whole class="go" over ideas in PP slides
    • Small group=discuss and answer AP questions
    • Sometimes I will have you answer on your own and turn in for points, sometimes I won’t…be prepared!
  • Start reading ch. 2 if time
prep for next time: complete DLP #3 and finish reading Gatsby chap. 2

prep for next time: complete DLP #4 and finish reading Gatsby chap. 3

  • FUN reading!
  • DLP #4
  • Quick write in Learning Log: What is your definition of the American Dream?
  • Read Library of Congress
    • What is Truslow’s definition?
    • What is the message/argument of the entire text?
  • Read Hwang’s American Dream
    • What is Hwang’s definition?
    • What is the message/argument of the entire text?
  • Paraphrase practice activity in Google Classroom
  • Back to Learning Log: redefine your idea of the American Dream by synthesizing ideas from the texts we read today.
prep for next time: complete DLP #5 and finish reading Gatsby chap. 3

prep for next time: finish reading Gatsby chap. 4. Make sure all DLPs are complete.

  • FUN reading!!
  • DLP review (quiz next time)
  • read and discuss more American Dream texts: Is it attainable for all?
    • Keep all of the sources we read because you may need them for process essay in a few weeks!!
  • Complete Google Classroom assignment: A Family's American Dream
    • What inferences can you make? Fill in comment
    • Discuss ideas
prep. for next time: complete Gatsby chap. 4 and be prepared for DLP quiz

  • FUN reading!
  • DLP quiz
  • Peer assessment of analysis paragraph
    • discuss rubric
    • swap and assess
    • we will do this again for ch.5 and I will assess and put in gradebook
  • discuss Gatsby chap. 4
    • slides
  • Which character would choose which “happiness” response?
    • Read article
    • Summarize each blurb
    • Find sentences to support the conclusion from "Happy Within our Means" blurb: Making wise choices and planning ahead contributes to overall happiness
    • Connect a happiness idea from the article with a character from Gatsby
    • Write the heading title from the article on the character poster. Which type of happiness would the characters identify with?
    • Be prepared to explain why you made the connection with evidence from the novel and from the article.
prep for next time: read Gatsby chap. 5 for next time. We will be writing another analysis paragraph

prep. for next time: read Gatsby ch. 6 and complete CR 5a

prep. for next time: complete CR 5b and read chapter 7 by 2/27 (even) & 2/28 (odd)

  • FUN reading!
  • preview synthesis argument essay prompt!
    • read and evaluate sources for synthesis, all on Google Classroom
    • writing essay in class NEXT TIME!
prep. for next time: complete CR 5c and continue reading chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby

  • CR 5c
  • Prepare for synthesis argument essay
    • You’ve done research, now what?
    • Decide on stance: look back at the prompt!!
    • Look at sources: which ones are pro and con?
    • Write thesis: include 3 contentions
    • Which source’s evidence can I use for which contention? (Look at ALL the sources on Google and in print)
    • Outline: which contention should go first? Why?
  • Write!! Submit to Classroom
prep for next time: complete CR 5d and read Gatsby chap. 7 by NEXT CLASS!

  • FUN reading!
  • Classical Roots 5d (quiz on 3/9-even & 3/10--odd)
  • discuss Chapter 7:
    • analysis questions
    • write the end to the novel
prep. for next time: finish synthesis argument essay, be sure to complete CR packet and start reading Gatsby ch. 8!

  • FUN reading!
  • revising synthesis essay!
    • Get out everything that could possibly help you continue writing your essay
    • Look at the revision guideline handout
    • Open Classroom to have access to all sources
    • Go one step at a time through handout to revise essay
  • Next time will be a peer review, so be prepared for others to read your masterpiece!
prep. for next time: have 2nd draft ready for next time. Bring CR packet. Have chap. 8 of Gatsby read by 3/7 (even) and 3/8 (odd)

  • FUN reading!
    • Look at Purdue Owl website
    • Go through each part of the works cited citation
    • Create your works cited page
      • Format: hanging indent, alphabetical, punctuation, double spaced
    • Format essay: double space, title, heading, page headings
  • Take a few more minutes to revise any content of the essay.
  • Peer assessment: read the entire essay and use the rubric to give feedback and an overall score.
prep. for next time: bring CR packet and use quizlet to study (quiz on 3/9--p. 2&4 & 3/10--p. 3), finish chapter 8 of Gatsby, submit your essay to Turn It In by tonight at 11:59 pm.

  • FUN reading!
    • Finish Gatsby for next time!
  • Review CR packet (quiz next class)
  • Discuss chapter 8:
    • Analysis questions (see O'Shea for questions)
    • Twitter!

prep. for next time: bring CR packet and use quizlet to study, finish reading The Great Gatsby!! District Q3 benchmark assessment on 3/13 (even), 3/14 (odd)


  • FUN reading/study for CR quiz
  • CR quiz!
    • Correct
  • Share Gatsby tweets
  • Discuss chapter 9:
    • Analysis questions (see O'Shea for questions)
    • Theme: what is a theme? How do you know what an author wants you to think about and "learn" as you read a piece of writing?
      • Prepare yourself to talk about a theme in The Great Gatsby. In your discussion, you will need to have a claim (what the theme is), evidence from the text and you need to discuss how the evidence shows the theme idea. Find the Recap website on Google Classroom.
prep. for next time: District Q3 benchmark assessment next class!

Q3 benchmark assessment!
prep. for next time; get back to FUN reading!

prep. for next time: Complete DLP #6 by 3/21 (per. 2 and 4) and 3/22 (per. 3) and make sure you have a FUN reading book to enjoy in class!

  • FUN reading!
  • finish watching The Great Gatsby
prep. for next time: complete DLP #6 in Learning Log

prep. for next time: complete DLP #7

prep. for next time: complete DLP #8

  • FUN reading!
  • DLP #8
  • Review implications from last class
  • Review project prompt
  • Discuss what it means to draw a conclusion (all documents in Google Classroom)
  • If time, meet with groups to start answering questions and planning presentation
prep. for next time: complete DLP #9