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2016-2017 model texts

straight news model text: California wildfire
Instagram in journalism: 5 ways to use Instagram in the newsroom
Feature model text: From a bridge in South Africa...
Simone Biles smiles
10/11/2016 US rep dabs

10/20/2016 93-year-old casting electoral vote
11/01/2016 An Act of Kindness
11/08/2016 Radio Rookies
Airborne off a cliff
12/13/2016 DIY gifts people secretly hate

01/10/2017 Asian men in Hollywood
01/31/2017 Immigrants affected by the ban
02/07/2017 Joel Stein's column
03/07/2017 Round-the-Clock race to Save the Rach by David Stabler
03/21/2017 Finding books in the least expected places
Virtual Reality Journalism

02/14/2017 How Saudis Do Valentine's Day
Pulitzer Prize model texts for mentor group story ideas!
Investigative reporting:
Mental Health
Wal-mart bribery
Explanatory narrative:
Failure to investigate reports of sexual assault
Cascadia fault line
Using data and story:
Distraught people, deadly results
student violence
Feature writing:
Dreams die in droughts
Skiers killed in avalanche
Local reporting:
conditions for the homeless

2015-2016 models and lessons
ESPN photo story on Marathon des Sables

model text 09/01/2015

model "podcast" 09/29/2015 (click on "transcript" to read exactly what is broadcast on the radio)

model podcast 10/20/2015 Sorrow and Death Following Siblings Death

model text 11/10/2015 Clinging to Life--and Whatever Floats

model text 01/12/2016 Pulitzer Prize Winner on Centinela Valley schools

model text 01/20/2016 Alan Rickman "memorial obituary"

model text 02/02/2016 Yale-bound athletes

model text 02/09/2016 To Text or Not to text

model text/podcat 02/23/2016 Oxnard: an unexpected destination for foreign boxers

model text 03/02/2016 'Spotlight' Oscar Warms Boston Globe and Journalism

model text 03/08/2016 Television review: "Damien"

model text/podcast Many Ordinary Cubans Welcome Obama's Message of Peace

series on South L,A.: link to Introduction (at the bottom, click on "Listen to the Stories Now" for each part of the series).

model text: Joking About a North Korea Cooking Show Just Isn't Funny

something to think about... Click-and-Bait Journalism

Using Instagram as journalism tool